RLCD-FRAME1-K4 VESA LCD Monitor rackmount kit

LCD Rack kit for a standard 15" to 24" LCD Monitor or LCD TV


RLCD-FRAME1-K4 converts standard LCD Monitor into a rackmount monitor

What is a rackmount monitor conversion kit?

Rackmount monitor is a specially designed monitor to meet the industrial environmental requirement. It can handle vibration, dust, and huge temperature difference in a factory or harsh environment setting. A typical Rackmount monitor can cost from couple hundred to thousands of dollars depends of the features you want.

Not all of the applications need to use expensive rackmount monitor. A simple LCD monitor might just do the job. Here is where our RLCD-FRAME1-K4 comes in. RLCD-FRAME1-K4 provides a simple , low cost means to mount standard LCD monitor into a standard 19” rack enclosure. It supports standard LCD monitor up to 18” for a flush mount into the cabinet. As long as your LCD monitor is not wider than 17.36”, you can flush mount it. If you need to use a wide screen monitor, you can readjust our RLCD-FRAME1-K4 to extend the wide screen LCD monitor out of the rack enclosure. For a non- flush mount setup, it supports Wide Screen Monitor up to 24”.

The key advantage for using our RLCD-FRAME1-K4 is the flexibility to use any type of standard LCD monitor with VESA mount support in the market. You are not lock into a propriety LCD rackmount monitor. Using a standard LCD monitor also give you more options for the video interface such as VGA, DVI, HDMI or S-Video connector. In addition, you can also select monitor that comes with build in speaker or touch screen features. These features can be a huge cost saving for you compares with using a rackmount LCD monitor with the same features.

Finally, you can upgrade your LCD monitor any time you want with our RLCD-FRAME1-K4. If you are using a rackmount monitor, there is no upgrade path.


  • Simple to install
  • Fits in to any standard EIA310 19" Cabinet. (23" cabinet requires rack reducer)
  • Works with standard 15” to 19” LCD monitors
  • Works with Wide Screen LCD monitor up to 24” (Non Flush mount setup)
  • Adjustable depth
  • LCD monitor can tilt and rotate in the rack
  • Huge saving compares to special rackmount monitor
  • LCD Monitor and mounting hinge are detachable
  • Professional looks at DIY pricing
  • Support Standard 10-32 or 12-24 rack screw


  • Data Center system monitoring
  • Audio & Video Studio
  • TV Station
  • Security monitoring
  • Research Laboratory
  • Telecommunication
  • Kiosks Station
  • Digital Signage
  • Factory Automation

Order Info

Description Price Buy
VESA LCD Monitor Rackmount Kit $125.00 Buy
2 Post Vented Rackmount Shelf $49.00 BUY
10-32 Rack Screw Qty 50 $8.00 BUY
12-24 Rack Screw Qty 50 $8.00 BUY
10-32 Cage Nuts Qty 50 $25.00 BUY
12-24 Cage Nuts Qty 50 $25.00 BUY

  • Move 20 to 30 degree tilt up or down
  • Move 20 to 30 degree to right or left side
  • Turn to right or left side from 0 to 135 degree turn
  • LCD monitor can view at either Landscape or portrait position
  • Flush mount against the cabinet
  • Quick LCD Monitor attach and detach design/li>
  • Depth of the monitor is adjustable
  • 75mm and 100mm VESA mount bracket
  • Wide Screen LCD support up to 24"

3U Rack Space
18.93"(w) x 3.96"(h) x 11.12"(d)
17.36" (d)
75mm x 75mm or 100mm x 100mm
Cold Roll Steel
Black Power Paint finish
17 lbs
Limited 2 years warranty

Description Files
1 RLCD-FRAME1-K4 2D Autocad Dimension Layout PDF

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