Need Multi I/O

Introduce CTI4300 multi slots ISA and PCI 4U system.

For Industrial Application
  • 7 ISA Slots
  • Dual Core Processor
  • Removable Hard Drive

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Need Speed

Introduce CS1720 1U low cost internet server.

For Business Servers
  • i5 Processor
  • Support 16x PCI-E slot.
  • Energy Efficent

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Need LCD Monitor

Introduct a low cost alternative to mount LCD monitor.

For Data Center use
  • Support 19" rack.
  • Support Wide Screen.
  • Adjustable deepth.

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Need DIN Rail

Introduce a new way to mount your din rail.

product 1
  • Supports 19" rack
  • Easy to rout cable.
  • Easy to organize cables.

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For Industrial Application

Process Control

1U, 2U, 4U, or ITX Control Blade system.

Test & Measurement

Build for automate testing control, & data sampling apps.

Harsh Enviroment

Build for high tempture and dusty enviroment.

Data Acquisition

Build for multiple ISA, PCI DAQ card .

Legacy System Support

Build for older DOS, Windows 2000 & Windows XP legacy apps.

Single Board Computer

386, 486, Pentium Dual core, Quad core SBC Card & backplane

For Business Application

High Performance System

i5, i7 high performance 2U, 4U and desktop workstation

Database Server

1U, 2U & 4U i3, i5 & i7 servers.


i3,i5 & i7 Blade servers.

NAS Server

1U, 2U & 4U Nework Area Storage Box.

Colocation Servers

Economic 1U & Blade Colocation servers.

Thin Client

PCoIP Thin Client box and virtual machine.

For Rackmount Accessories and Parts

Rackmount Shelves

For 2 Post, 4 Post, fixed mount or sliding shelves

Rackmount DIN RAIL Panel

3U, 4U, 5U, 6U, 8U & 10U Din rail panel, & PVC duct.

Rackmount Filler Panels

1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, 5U, & 8U Blank filler panels

Rackmount 23¨ to 19¨ Reducer

1U, 2U, 3U, 4U, & 5U rack reducer.

Rackmount Rails

Fixed mount rail, sliding rail & PC Rails.

Power Supply

1U, 2U, PS2, Redundent and DC to DC power supply.


Basic, Metered, or fully controlled Power distribution Unit.

Rackmount Keyboards

1U Touch Pad or Trackball Keyboards.

LCD Panel

Differnt size rackmount LCD panel.

OEM / Custom Design Service

We offer complete oem design service for any type of metal enclosures and packaging project. Utilizing our extensive design library, we can shorten your project’s delivery schedule and lower your design cost. Once the design is approved, we can also work with the factory to expedite the delivery of your final product.

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DIY is the best resource for do it yourself project. We offer variety of parts and accessories for any type of rackmount related devices. We offers different size of rackmount chassis which you can use to build your own rackmount servers. If you need to better organize your rack, we also offer cable management, wire duct, panel and cable tie. If you have too many servers and not enough space for a monitor, we have 1U LCD monitor with build in KVM switch. We also have rack reducer which you can convert your existing 19” rackmount equipment to work in a 23” enclosure. We have so many unique design and ideas. You can visit our DIY page to get ideas about how to better manage your rack enclosure.

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New Products

The following are list of our new products. .

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Resellers are welcome. Please contact our reseller manager for information about how to become our reseller. We can also do special drop ship for our reseller to their customers. .

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